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Strengthen confidence, respond positively, accelerate enterprise development


The difficulties brought about by the crisis have turned into opportunities to accelerate economic restructuring and transform development methods. Change pressures into challenges, adopt positive response measures, manage internal management, expand the market, and strive to maintain steady and rapid economic development.
Rizhao Fenghua Tools Co., Ltd. is the most complete and largest professional scaffolding exporter in northern China. Scaffolding products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions in Europe, America, Australia and Southeast Asia. In the face of the current financial crisis, the company not only did not stop production, but also achieved good economic returns.
Zhao Xiangyou, deputy general manager of Rizhao Fenghua Tools Co., Ltd. said that the company eliminated backward production equipment and processes, introduced advanced equipment and processing technology, and made the product quality a new level, increasing the competitiveness of the company; strengthening the enterprise Internal management, saving potential; through the network and exhibitions, etc., expand the scale and intensity of export promotion, and expand export channels.
It is understood that the enterprises in Laoshan District have also strengthened the operational warning and forecast, and timely analyzed and forecasted the development of domestic and foreign markets and the operation of enterprises to avoid operational risks. At the same time, we will intensify scientific and technological innovation and actively develop and cultivate products with high technology content, good market prospects and high added value. Zhuang Ganhai, deputy general manager of Rizhao Ayishan Aquatic Food Co., Ltd. said that in the current financial crisis, our company has vigorously adjusted the structure of export products and continuously increased the added value and scientific and technological content of export commodities. Make full use of long-term foreign exchange settlement and sales, conduct foreign exchange transactions and